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Dillon: There is a massive chain reaction of people waking up all over the world
Dillon: We are connected with everything in this universe on a higher level of existence
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Dillon: The art of fighting without fighting
Dillon: What the unaware call ‘reality’ is indeed an illusionary concept
Engage your natural electromagnetic shield for protection from negative influences
Fred: Are there other possibilities to explain remembering "other" lives?
To insure that your mental, spiritual and physical bodies are in peak condition
Articles on this page by our son Dillon were written at the age of 16. He is now 19 and continues to write more articles to be published soon. His most ambitious project at the moment is his debut novel called "Astrea" set in a dystopian future of the United Kingdom with a very unique style he has already well developed. Before he completes it (already over 600 pages done) he will release a preview and publish it here. Stay tuned!
Dillon: The optimist needs to and probably does already exist as a balancing force
Dillon: Free Original Illustrated eBook from when he was only 6 years old, Enjoy!
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Fred: A possible message from an interdimensional civilization is uncovered from my recent epiphany after wearing the ET Connector Triskelion Amulet
Fred: Learn to use your powerful minds and transmute the poisons being sprayed with your intentions. Assist the Sylphs (sky elementals) too!
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