Almost as soon as we had moved into our new home in Cottonwood, Arizona the same negative energies seemed to have followed us and were still haunting us. Join us now as the paranormal adventures continue.
Next Home In Cottonwood, Arizona
Energy Strikes Show Up Near Fence
Bright Orb Responds To Request For Communication
The Skinwalker Has Gone Home
Thousands Of Orbs Indicating Energy Release
Jerome Ghost Town Entrance
Living in this new home, all of us had similar negative experiences to what we had just supposedly escaped from in Cornville at the horse ranch. Now you may be wondering, and rightly so, why we were still encountering so many negative entities and attacks even though we continued making orgone energy devices and utilized crystals for healing. This phenomena I mentioned earlier in the first episode HERE. My intuition was telling me that we had unwittingly re-activated a very negative energy portal at the Cornville ranch when we found the copper tubing/crystal sculptures in the guest house garage and deployed them again. Our unconscious intentions are what attracted the skinwalker and other negative entities. And "Intentions Are Everything!" is what my Remote Viewing teacher used to tell me. So I set my intentions to seek alternate solutions.

Soon after we moved into this new home our friend and crystal adviser "Tony" introduced to us a friend of his named Jimmy who had similar interests and thought we would get along. Jimmy (not his real name) is part American Indian and even though we had never met, when I showed him the paintings from the Cornville ranch, one of them struck a cord in him and he told us that he had dreamed about that particular painting three days prior to the first time we had met. Here is the painting Jimmy had seen in his dream:
Wondering what this could mean, I began to think that maybe something had followed us from the Cornville ranch...something with malevolent intentions. I started to take pictures around the house using my digital camera with intentions to capture energies/entities that may want to communicate with us. I first went outside in the back yard where we had constructed a healing labyrinth made from the red rocks taken with permission from near Cathedral Rock in Sedona.
When I was hand picking the rocks I would ask each one of them if they would like to be part of our labyrinth, and most of them went straight into the bed of my truck. Some of them though would tumble right out of my hand as if by some unseen force. These I left on the ground, knowing that they would rather remain where they were. In one of the pictures I took in the back yard, the fence seemed to have some glowing white areas which had never appeared in any other pictures of the labyrinth.
Painting Jimmy Saw In His Dream
Healing Red Rock Labyrinth
After further consultation with Jimmy and his wife, we agreed that we should continue to attempt communication with any entities that may have followed my family from the Cornville ranch. Jimmy is an accomplished musician, and as a flute player had been entertaining us with some American Indian tunes until dark. At that time I decided to go outside again and standing in front of the labyrinth I asked out loud for any entities to show up "in the next picture" in an obvious way so that we could confirm communication was desired. This is the result:
This is an historic house originating from the former copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona. Jerome is just up the hill from Cottonwood. This house was deconstructed piece by piece from its original location in Jerome, moved to this location in Cottonwood and reassembled. Originally there was a pot-bellied iron stove surrounded on three sides by smooth stones, but unfortunately zoning requirements would not allow the stove to be included so only the stone enclosure was left as you can see in the photo below:
One of my friends in Cottonwood is a practicing psychic reader and when he gave me my reading he had discovered that I had had two past lives as an American Indian. Not a Chief, or anyone famous, just a warrior both times; once as a Navajo and once as a Massachussets. He asked me if I had lots of interest in things related to American Indians, and indeed I was always extremely interested in this culture. Jimmy and I intuitively felt that whatever malevolent entity was here in Cottonwood was the same entity that had been in Cornville on the ranch, and that we needed to do a "Releasing Ceremony". Now, neither one of us knew exactly how to do such a ceremony, but we had all of the materials at hand and decided to follow our intuitions.

Materials at hand: a smudge pot made of abalone shell, the four sacred herbs of the Navajo Indians, American Indian flutes and a healing labyrinth.

So while my wife was taking pictures of the ceremony from the sidelines, Jimmy played his flute and I began to walk the labyrinth with smudge pot smoldering in hand.
Beginning Of Releasing Ceremony
The night air was perfectly still and the sky was full of stars. I did not know what I was going to do when I got to the center of the labyrinth, but it was my intention that I would know what to do, what to say once I arrived. Jimmy's flute can be seen in the right side of the above photo. The one bright orb is still in the photo but is in front of and just above my head now. More orbs are showing up.
As I am nearing the center of the labyrinth I felt as if I was getting lighter. Lots more orbs showing up in the photos now as if energies are actually being "released" as intended. When I stopped in the center of the labyrinth, I placed my right foot on the center stone and just let the words come out of me without conscious intervention. Basically what came out was, "I apologize for keeping you on this side and not sending you back through the original portal from whence you entered this realm. However, you are no longer needed here, and no matter what great harm you may have done on this side, you are needed back home where you can now do great good. Go there now, be released. We are now the caretakers of this land and are healing the land. Go home now and fulfill your destiny."
After exiting the labyrinth, having hopefully sent the malevolent spirit back home, thousands of orbs show up in the photos as if the Earth itself has opened up and is releasing the spirit's energies. There was no physical dust in the air as it was a very still night and I was the only one moving in the labyrinth. These are energetic orbs and not dust or moisture particles.
Just seconds after the last photo was taken of thousands of orbs being released, only a few remained. The one bright orb that began the communication still seems to be hovering around my head as indicated by the yellow arrow above. This ceremony made our stay in this historic house more pleasant, but there were still 'others' that just did not want us there. We believe this had a lot to do with our orgone/crystal device gifting of the cemetary across the street, and those tormented souls did not want to heal and go "home".
Nearing Center Of Labyrinth
In Jerome, which is a mile high in elevation, there are many historic sights including the copper mine which produced more than 3 million pounds of copper per month in its heyday, and there is an authentic ghost town which is the largest in America. When we toured the ghost town I saw a most curious configuration on the hillside. It looked to me like a very imaginative welder had fasioned a fake rocket skin and a crashed "flying saucer" nearby made out of a used satellite dish. So I took these pictures as a curiosity.
And when we got closer I took another photo. But when I got home and looked at the photo below on the computer monitor, I noticed something in the upper right portion of the photo (indicated by the yellow arrow) and then zoomed in on the crop shown on the right.
UFO Appears In Second Photo
UFO Zoomed In And Cropped
What appears to be a flying saucer crashing through the sky just goes to show the sense of humor with which Sedona and the surrounding area abounds. This reminds me so much of John A. Keel's theory of "Ultraterrestrials". What are the odds of taking a picture of someones' faked flying saucer crash and then have something which resembles a flying saucer crashing show up in the same picture?
Christie witnessed a parade of UFOs directly over the house during a Full Moon. It was in the morning around 9:30 with a perfectly clear blue Arizona sky. Most of the objects were too small to be captured with the camera and don't show up well, but with the naked eye she could see them perfectly. There were dozens of them and they were all moving at different altitudes and differing speeds. Several of the UFOs ventured down lower and did show up well in the photographs.
Full Moon UFO Picture #1
Crop And Zoom Of UFO
Mouse Over To See How "Glowing Edges" Filter Brings Out Shape
Full Moon UFO Picture #2
In the next episode of The Sedona Files we venture into Sedona itself for more wondrous adventures!
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Mouse Over To See How "Glowing Edges" Filter Brings Out Shape
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Releasing Ceremony
UFO Crash?
UFO Parade
A friend of mine was traveling along Highway 17 near Camp Verde, Arizona on April 16, 2007 (around 5:20 pm) on his way to our home in Cottonwood. The first two photos shown below were taken while he was driving and the remaining photos taken from the parking lot in which he had pulled into. He was concentrating on photographing the black beam and did not see the remarkable UFO captured only in picture# CAM_0666. When he arrived he told me about the black beam and chemtrail sighting and asked me to download the pictures to my PC so that we could view them on the monitor. That is when we discovered the anomaly. Amazingly, the UFO is no longer seen in the very next picture# CAM_0667, taken only moments later.
Picture 1 of 6: CAM_0662.jpg
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Picture 2 of 6: CAM_0663.jpg
Picture 3 of 6: CAM_0664.jpg
Picture 4 of 6: CAM_0665.jpg
Picture 5 of 6: CAM_0666.jpg
The UFO in the picture above (CAM_0666.jpg) is cropped and zoomed below. The UFO appears to be a very large craft considering the distance from the photographer.
I then ran the cropped image through a few Photoshop filters in an attempt to draw out more detail.
Since those ultimately responsible for chemtrails have discovered that chemtrails are transmutable by Sylphs (sky elementals) and that other humans now know that we can assist the Sylphs with our own minds (see article ("How To Transmute Chemtrails With Intentions") then this new "black beam" technology being seen incorporated with chemtrails may be their latest counter measure.
Cropped & Zoomed, No Filters
Picture 6 of 6: CAM_0667.jpg