On the way into Sedona one day, we decided to take a detour down Nf-525 (a National Forest road) which is about halfway between Cottonwood to Sedona on Arizona Highway 89A. My intentions were to take pictures of the area and see what comes out once the pictures were viewable on the computer monitor. Especially in Sedona and surrounding areas, practically every day an anomalous object would show up in the sky when taking pictures. Most of the time though, the objects are remaining at a seemingly "set" distance so that they are not really visible to the untrained eye. It's like the controllers of the objects know when there is a photographer around and they move away. Many others have expressed the same experience when UFOs appear in pictures. So you have to catch them off guard to really get the close up.

As soon as we had turned down Nf-525 I tried to keep my mind off taking pictures, and had left the camera out of sight down in the center console of the truck. I just watched and observed the surrounding area. Then, within only a split second I grabbed the camera and took the first of 83 pictures out of the open driver's side window. It was a bright sunny day so motion is frozen at the low speeds we were traveling, around 15 mph on a dirt road. And sure enough, there is a UFO in the very first of the series of pictures. And it's closer than usual to the camera this time. But nothing at all showed up in the subsequent 82 pictures! It would seem I caught this object just enough off guard to catch it up close, but the funny thing is it looks like it is trying to avoid the shot because it is almost out of frame left. Could be the camera angle, but since nothing else showed up in ANY of the other 82 pictures, I tend to think that it is trying to get "out of view" and quick.
1st Of 83 Pictures Facing South Along Nf-525
Continuing on into Sedona now, we are going hiking in Secret Canyon. It had just rained so there were lots of pools of water in the stream bed. Some of the shapes were quite striking, such as the Buffalo pool. There were no indications that this was carved by someone, it is nature imitating art.
Our friend Tom Dongo had been given some UFO pictures taken in Uptown Sedona which he presented to me. So with my camera in hand I went down to this known rock formation called "Snoopy Rock" and "Lucy Rock". From the same location I also witnessed glowing objects coming in over Snoopy and Lucy Rocks. These are huge ships!
OK, you got me. These are actually identifiable objects as the photographs were taken through a window pane in a restaurant (#1) and in a bar (#2). Tom had suspected that the photos he had been given were images of reflections on glass, even though the photographer claimed there was no window between the camera and the UFOs. I confirmed Tom's findings with my photos.

Here is what was causing the UFOs to appear...ceiling lights reflected on the glass panes.
Buffalo Pool
My Pictures In Uptown Sedona UFO #1
You may be thinking right about now, what is so interesting about Nf-525 that we would choose this area to attempt to capture anomalous objects with the camera? Well, there was a report from two lady witnesses given to our friend Tom Dongo in Sedona about an incident on Nf-525 which happened in 1991.

According to their testimony, they had been visiting a friend's home in Red Canyon and left for home late, around 1:00 in the morning. As they were traveling along the pitch blackness of Nf-525 they spotted bright lights behind a bluff off in the distance in the desert. They continued driving until they were in line with the lights but they had to get out of the car and climb up an embankment to get a view. What they saw were bright portable stadium type flood lights which were illuminating a tunnel opening in the side of a hill. Going in and out of this opening were solid white trucks, seemingly military. There were soldiers around the lighted area and these ladies were naturally frightened of being discovered so they got back in their car and left quickly.

Nothing further happened to these ladies, they just wanted to report the incident to Tom. That's why I thought about driving around the same area and taking pictures. Who knows what might show up? We looked for tunnels or other openings but of course those would be camouflaged in the daytime, or a holographic image of a hillside projected over the opening. (Remember the pilot episode of the Star Trek TV show "The Cage" in which the Talosians created the illusion of a rocky outcrop to fool Captain Pike?) But we did get one picture of a UFO which matched as close as possible the UFO which was around the ranch. Mission accomplished.
Original Photo 2816 x 2112 pixels 1.20 MB >
Close Up Of Circled Object
Notice the similarities below of this UFO to the one which Christie photographed on the ranch in Cornville. And remember, a pair of nesting bald eagles lived right behind our house on the ranch, and I took pictures of them all the time...I know what a bird looks like in the air and in a photograph, and these objects below are definitely not birds.
Close Up Of Cornville UFO
Close Up Of Nf-525 UFO
Buffalo Comparison
Another pool of water attracted my attention not because of its shape, but because of the interplay of colors on the bottom of the pool. In the picture below you can see me straddling the pool, wearing a hat and the flash from the camera is where my face is. I did not notice until I looked at the pictures on the computer monitor that there seemed to be a face right above my reflection in the water. A face which was formed by the dark and light colors on the rocks at the bottom. And when I used a photographic filter the face became even more apparent. And not only that, but you can also see what appears to be a small man with paintbrush to the left of me, reaching up to paint the image of the face above me. The painter is wearing a cap, holding the brush in his right hand and a palette in his left hand.
Mouse Over Image
Mouse Over
My Pictures In Uptown Sedona UFO #2
Notice that in the photo below you can clearly see two "scout" ships (indicated with yellow arrows) preceding the "mothership" for a landing!
Another UFO Busters case "BUSTED!"
Thanks to all the people and Earth spirits who are helping us spread love, healing and balance around our beautiful Planet!
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Uptown Sedona
Uptown Sedona Visible UFO, Photo #1
Here is the same UFO  from the above picture which has been cropped and various filters applied. I don't really know how to interpret these images. Definitely nothing conventional to my knowledge.
Bright UFO Cropped
Mouse Over For Filter 1
Original Photo 2816 x 2112 pixels 1.20 MB >
Now here is an actual UFO that I saw with my own eyes before taking pictures. See the bright white blob in the center left of the picture? But what I couldn't see was everything else going on around the unidentified flying object.

Mouse over the picture below to reveal the other activity accompanying this one bright visible UFO.
Filter 1
Filter 3
Filter 2
Filter 4
Crop of UFO surrounded by several black spheres
Bright UFO Cropped
Mouse Over For Filter 2
Bright UFO Cropped
Mouse Over For Filter 3
Bright UFO Cropped
Mouse Over For Filter 4
The picture below was taken about 15 seconds later. You can see an airplane contrail in the center of the picture. The reason I hesitated before taking another picture right away is because the bright UFO just winked out. I was momentarily stunned and didn't think to press the camera's shutter again right away.

However, the black spheres are still in the sky and have shifted position quite a bit in only 15 seconds. Plus they all seem to have moved in different directions.

Mouse over the picture below to see the progression of the black spheres from #1 to #2.
Black Spheres
Original Photo 2816 x 2112 pixels 1.20 MB >
(Right Click Mouse, "Save Target As")
Uptown Sedona Visible UFO, Photo #2
Crop Of Center Right Of Picture #2
In the cropped section of Picture #2 above you can see the airplane's contrail on the left, a large white sphere above the cloud in the upper right, several black spheres, a rectangular anomaly in the lower right which also showed up in Picture #1 above the stop sign, and a bright object at the edge of the cloud in center right (see yellow arrow) which appears to be moving upwards and has a trail behind.

Let's look at this fast moving bright object closer up and with a filter applied. Mouse over the image below to see the filter details.
Fast Bright UFO
Crop Of Bright Moving UFO
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